Dot is unapologetically real. She loves real people, and enjoys learning about people’s unique stories. She didn’t choose real estate to get rich; she chose it because she loves helping the everyday, average person move into a better living situation. Her approach is to listen closely and understand where people are in life, and where they want to go. Her goal is to make them happy and make the process of getting there as stress free as possible. She enjoys applying all her knowledge, both formal education and her broad and varied life experience, to change people’s lives for the better. “Rent can be so high in this town, and so it’s extremely satisfying to help people find their own places. She firmly believes in self reliance and independence and finds joy in helping folks achieve it.

ruby041-789x1024As a self described “free spirit” she says she came to Austin to attend St. Eds, but even at 18 she knew that wasn’t her calling. Little did she know the many beautiful paths her life would travel, the lessons she’d learn and the amazing things she’d accomplish. She did know that she loved Austin and decided to stay. She had a series of jobs from AP and payroll to the travel industry that gave her skills that she uses daily in her real estate business. She’s an exceptional money manager, loves to help first time home buyers plan, she’s organized, and she likes to see things right through to the end of the transaction and beyond. She also learned that she liked to travel, experience new places, meet cool people and that to live a comfortable life doesn’t require as much as most people think.

After ten or so years in Austin, she gave in to her wanderlust and ended up in the Pacific Northwest where she enjoyed a “hippie stint” traveling, meeting all kinds of people and seeing a lot of the country. She and a friend researched, planned and completed a hike of the Appalachian trail from Georgia to Maine. During that six month hike, they covered about 2,200 miles and slept under the stars. Few people can claim that accomplishment. It was a test that she considered quitting many times, but inherently, she doesn’t quit. She learned a lot about herself, and people on that journey. “People have great stories,” she says. “I know that sunshine, music and good company make me happy.”

ruby06-1024x689When she returned to Austin, she “accidentally” put down roots. She met her husband during SXSW, and he moved to Austin. She’s now a mom to a beautiful girl, Ruby, and two rescue dogs. She realized she wanted to be a Realtor when she started looking for a house. “I wanted to know all the details, all the financials, the number crunching, the comps, and all about the negotiations. So I completed an Associates degree in Real Estate.” All the education and her life experiences give her an advantage. Her clients appreciate that Dot “does her homework, her research and goes above and beyond.” They love that she’s “really smart, really there and really knows her stuff!” Her love of people is evident. “She’s compassionate. She’s the kind of girl you want to hang out with after she sells your house.”

dsc_6738She may have roots, but her free spirit still shines, “What a long strange trip it’s been, to quote Jerry Garcia,” she grins, “I can’t wait to see what happens next!”

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